Actu V.O. : Le Goon revient en 2019 !

En 2019, il rentre à la maison !

Pour fêter les 20 ans de sa création, Eric Powell publiera un nouveau comic-book du Goon au sein de sa structure Albatross Funnybooks (après plusieurs années passées chez Dark Horse).

Et pour assurer une parution régulière des prochaines aventures du Goon et de Franky, Eric Powell amènera de nouveaux auteurs sur son univers :

“Since I am now not just the creator of THE GOON but also the publisher, I need to make sure our readers get their GOON fix on a regular basis. To that end, we’ll be bringing new creators on to the regular series for first time ever. You’ll not only be getting GOON books written and drawn by me, but some written and drawn by some of the best talent in the industry! We will be making announcements in the months to come, but, boy, I can’t wait to show off some of the art we have in the works!!! I think this artist might draw Goon and Franky better than me! And just wait until you hear who’s writing a script for me to draw! It’s one of the best daggum creators in the business, ya’ll!”


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