Actu V.O. : Hawkeye - Kate Bishop

Marvel annonce la mini-série Hawkeye : Kate Bishop, qui sera publiée à partir de novembre (juste à temps pour accompagner la série Disney + dans laquelle l'héroïne est incarnée par Hailee Stainfield).

Par la scénariste Marieke Nijkamp et le dessinateur Enid Balam (Reptil).

« Following a stint in Los Angeles, Hawkeye: Kate Bishop picks up at a turning point in Kate’s life when she returns to New York after being convinced by many friends, and a few clues from the case she’s working, to come back to the East Coast. When Kate gets invited to a resort to solve a mysterious jewel heist, she sees it as a confidence-boost, a sign that she’s making the right decision and not going to backslide into her past. The case is perfect…and it’s almost definitely a trap. »

« Because Kate’s story is in flux right now, it’s the perfect time to jump on board for the adventure, » Nijkamp said. « You don’t need to know where she was to enjoy the journey. »

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