Three Best Free Apps for Focused Writing

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  • 1. FocusWriter: Focuswriter is a free open-source essay writing app that can be used to take notes, write texts, and compose essays on any device. Strength: – It also includes real-time word counting, which eliminates the need to run a manual word counter whenever you want to see how far you've come. Features a stylish, hidden look, real-time stats, spell checker and document tabs, making it a great choice for improving your essay writing if you only need one page blank to focus on his work. – For authors, university students and other language enthusiasts, the app has an option to set milestones when writing essays. 2. Drawbacks: – Doesn't offer much choice in format – Its minimalist features may not be liked by writers Ulysses: Ulysses is a typical writing tool that ensures the focus required when writing an essay by providing features and settings for a distraction-free space. This is one of the most intuitive essay writing apps for Ipad Strength: – Includes a markup-based text editor, as well as a library for organizing notes and documents. Includes writing goals and publishing options for users to easily improve their essay writing. Ulysses is ideal for short or long academic writings. It easily converts text to PDF and offers options to publish your work directly on WordPress and Medium. Drawbacks: – It is only compatible with Apple products. 3. Blurt Blurt is a web based essay writing app that inspires you to write. It includes features like goal setting and tracking. Strength: – Blurt provides a simple and less annoying user interface – It also provides tools to create writing goals as well as an infobox to track them.. Drawbacks: – It does not include many basic stat features. – It does not provide an option to write in offline mode.

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  • Great! Blurt's interface is easier to use and less obtrusive. It also includes a goal-setting worksheet and a progress bar to help you stay on track with your writing projects free games.

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