Board game: Potion Explosion

par blabling2 lun. 6 mai 2024 dans The Arms Peddler

  • Potion Explosion is a new online board game released not long ago. In this game, each participant will have the task of making a miracle medicine from the collected ingredients. The gameplay of Potion Explosion is relatively simple, just collect and prepare, the faster, the more points. This online board game has four different difficulty levels when playing with BOT. Additionally, you can play online with your friends. Game features include: • A magical universe of tabletop gaming, digitally augmented and enhanced • Tactical gameplay, allowing for different playstyles and strategies • Solo mode against up to three adjustable AIs. • Online multiplayer mode with global leaderboards • Explore the Fifth Component expansion: new rules and even more challenges with the arrival of professors, new Potions and the new Ectoplasmic Ghost component. Available from the game store! How to play: At the start of the game, each player is given potions complete with specific effects and ingredients. You will have to select the ingredients in the dispenser; When your selected element is removed, the elements above will slide down. If two ingredients of the same nature collide, they will explode and you will get them too! You can then use your ingredients to cook potions. You only have a limited tank space to store the remaining ingredients from one turn to the next, so choose carefully! After completing a potion, you will score points, use its powerful effects, and choose another potion to craft. The wizard with the most points wins! Some board games you shouldn't miss:     connect 4 The Settlers of Catan Pandemic Battleship Ticket to Ride

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