Avengers Finale Issue (2005)

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Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne arrive at the destroyed mansion in civilian clothing, they are a couple again and giving things another try.

They enter the mansion, present are Captain America, Jarvis, Beast, Iron Man, Wonder Man, Falcon (as Sam Wilson), Warbird, She-Hulk (as Jen Walters) and Captain Britain (as Kelsey Leigh).

Jennifer is still mortified over what Wanda made her do to the Vision.

Iron Man then steps forward to make an announcement, he can no longer afford to finance the Avengers so they are disbanding.

Warbird curses Wanda as Quicksilver turns up, revealing he was safe during the events and that they saw an illusion on the day.

He gets nervous and leaves.

The Avengers start to wonder about the Witch when Jennifer announces she is done with the Avengers and is leaving.

Hank and Janet announce they are moving to England.

Falcon is considering retiring the Falcon wings altogether.

Kelsey Leigh comes forward next and announces she is returning to England and then leaves.

The team then discuss their best moments.

Iron Man - The formation of the Avengers.

Wasp - The moment they found Captain America.

Hank Pym - The Kree/Skrull War (despite not being a big part of it).

Wonder Man - Marriage of Vision and Wanda.

Beast - The Korvac Saga.

Warbird - When the Avengers defeated Thanos (despite not being there).

Jarvis - Avengers Under Siege.

Falcon - When the Avengers finally defeated Ultron (which he wasn't there for).

Captain America reveals no moment and says he didn't think it could end.

The Avengers have a toast to their fallen members and then leave.

Avengers Finale 1
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