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First published in 1934, Tank Tankuro was one of the most famous manga characters during the time, lining up next to Norakuro.
He is said to be one of the FIRST ROBOT ever to appear in Japanese manga and may be the FIRST “SUPERHERO” in manga. He fights villain, Kuro Kabuto, who attacks Japan, and this Kuro Kabuto is famous among Japanese SF fans that it has resemblance to Darth Vader of Star Wars.
Tank Tankuro influenced greatly, many manga artists, such as Shigeru Sugiura, Osamu Tezuka, Fujiko Fujio, etc., and is the foundation stone from which many masterpieces of manga art would spring from. Tankuro became the archetype for various Japanese manga heroes that were to follow.
This work is famous for its innovative and captivating adventure stories full of surrealism, nonsense, innocence, absurdity, and eccentricity. But it got lost in the turmoil of the World War II for the long time. Now this hidden gem of Japanese manga treasure revives in full colour with deluxe hard cover + book case format, beautifully designed by Chris Ware!

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