Mr Selfridge 1 - Mr Selfridge - Series One Simple Blu-ray


All ten episodes from the first series of the ITV period drama tracing the story of the founder of the famous London department store. In 1909, fresh from a successful retail career in Chicago, a dashing Harry Selfridge (Jeremy Piven) arrives in London intent on building the world's largest department store in the capital's Oxford Street. Helped by his association with socialite Lady Mae Moxley (Katherine Kelly), Harry soon has the financial backing necessary for his plans, resulting in the store being completed in record time. But as the company goes from strength to strength, Harry's marriage to his wife Rose (Frances O'Connor) is jeopardised by his continuing infatuation with music hall artiste Ellen Love (Zoë Tapper).

Mr Selfridge 1 - Mr Selfridge - Series One
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