Mr Selfridge - Mr Selfridge - Series One and Two Coffret Series One and Two DVD


Series 1 & 2 of the ITV hit, Mr Selfridge brings to life the spectacular rise of the American retail genius, Harry Selfridge, in a lavish and seductive series, set in glamor of bustling London at the emergence of modern retail. Harry, his family, friends, lovers and staff open up a rich cross section of London life. From the fashionable Mayfair society to the bright lights, grease-paint, glamour and backstage intrigue of London's theatres; from business board rooms, private poker games and smoky jazz halls to the back-street cafes of the working men and women. It is the story of turn of the century ambition, eccentricity and commercial enterprise against the remnants of stuffy Victorian and Edwardian values.

Mr Selfridge 1 - Mr Selfridge - Series One and Two
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