Spider-Woman - Origin 3 - Book Three Issues (2006)

Jessica just discovered her HYDRA boyfriend in the grips of SHIELD, but even though she fights valiantly, she's subdued and outnumbered. Nick Fury shows her a video of what Agent Jared Gold did (that is, blow up some kids in Morocco) and she flees. After 2 hours, they lose her completely. She manages to disappear for 2 whole years before resurfacing in London. HYDRA finds her first, but she takes out all of their agents by using Taskmaster as a conduit and amping her powers across all of them. She takes down the entire cell and decides to take the fight to HYDRA. She crashes a plane into the base where she was created and disappears again. 2 years later, Nick Fury finds her again and offers her a job. Although she says that she wants to be left alone, he tells her that her parents are still alive.

Spider-Woman - Origin 3 - Book Three
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