Giant-Size X-Men 4 - Finding Home ! Issues (1975 - 2005)

Comics / Super Heros fantastique

The all new, all different X-Men have a training session in the Danger Room, where they watch Storm evade Thunderbird with her powers. However, after that session, the two must fight one another without their powers. Storm is quicker and sneakier than Thunderbird expects, but he recalls his training from his Uncle Jack and eventually bests Storm, who freaks out after being pinned to the ground. Wolverine sees Cyclops not defusing the situation, so he stops the fight before things get out of hand, much to the dislike of Cyclops. Later on, Wolverine speaks to Xavier, who voices his concern that Wolverine may hinder Cyclops’ development as a leader if he is not loyal to the leader. Wolverine is not sure if Cyclops is the best choice of leader, or if Wolverine is the best choice to aid Scott, but accepts Xavier’s wisdom. While Cyclops voices his concern about Wolverine and his own leadership to Jean Grey, Thunderbird sneaks around the mansion and spends time looking around Wolverine and Storm’s rooms, being reminded of his own past. Xavier speaks to John and about his Uncle Jack’s death, and tells the man that he needs him for there are more mutants out there and they are not nice. Even Storm is not sure she is staying. Coming up with an idea that Storm just needs to set her roots, Thunderbird buys her a cactus and leaves her a note.

Giant-Size X-Men 4 - Finding Home !
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