Sensation (Mystery) Comics 1 - 1 Issues (1942 à 1953)

Comics / Super Heros

1/ Wonder Woman returns Steve Trevor to America in her invisible plane.

3/ Terry Sloane was a boy genius at the age of 10 and graduated college at age 12. Although he finds success at everything he tries, both physical and intellectual, Terry becomes bored with life because it presents no challenge for him.

4/ Keith Everet, Earl of Strethmere, is killed by three highwaymen in the year 1700. His ghost is allowed to return to Earth to take up the cause of justice.

6/ Gang boss Wolf Lupo is running a protection racket in Big City. Witnesses are afraid to testify against him except for one man named Kraus. Lupo's men kidnap Kraus and take him to their hideout to silence him one and for all.

Sensation (Mystery) Comics 1 - 1
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