Jurassic League

In a prehistoric world, humans are preyed on by carnivorous dinosaurs, but some sentient dinosaurs have taken it upon themselves to protect the "small beasts" from predators.

Batwalker, an Tyrannosaurus Rex who began dressing like a bat and fighting for justice when his parents were killed by the insane Jokerzard, adopts a human boy after he is also orphaned by the sadistic Dilophosaurus. Supersaur, a superpowered Brachiosaurus from another world, gathers the scattered human families of the jungle into a single settlement. On the coasts, human fishermen are protected from Blackmantasaurus by the "Savior of the Waves", a trident-wielding Spinosaurus.

On the island of Trimyscira, the Triceratops Wonderdon has visions of darkness to come and travels to the mainland to join the fight against evil. Meanwhile, two evil dinosaurs named Brotozarro and Giganta attack Supersaur's stockaded village.

Jurassic League
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